Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hi Everyone,

First of all i would like to say thank you to all  followers of this blog and those who like this blog and joined together. I know, it takes a great effort to write comments as every one is busy which is good.
Well, my this post if for my those follower who wants to earn money along with studies.

Guys, the best part time work is to provide tuition and earn by learn. This is the most easy and it really enhances our basic knowledge. Well, the other best way to earn is to teach students skills like dance, music, guitar, dholak, tabla, casio etc. Not only this you can organised your own summer camp during the summer vacation and earn a handsome amount.
I personally have done all this and earned if not so much then at least enough to support my self and be independent. Well these are my suggestion only and its your personal choice.

And yes, i completed MCA this year, and if any of you want any information about IT industry or Development, you can write your queries in comment area. I promise i will try to help as much as i can.

Karam Sahu
Java/ Android  Developer

Monday, December 24, 2012

Thank you !

Dear All,

First of all I would like to thank all of you for your valuable time and efforts you have made to support our blog as a follower.
As we know, Sahu Samaj has not got so much popularity and people are not aware of us much therefore, guys please support us by writing you comments and feedback to come up with a solution to  this problem.
Karam Sahu

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Notable Sahu's

Notable Sahu's

(source wikkipedia, free encyclopedia)

Introduction : Sahu Samaj

Dear Readers ,

My name is Karam Sahu, I am from delhi. I graduated in 2009. Presently i am doing CCNA NIIT Preet vihar, dlehi.
I created this blog for all those people who belongs to caste sahu and want to know other sahu members. Here, a brief introduction about Sahu caste :

Sahu (Hindi साहू) is an Indian surname belonging to the Vaishya caste and jatt caste.

"Sahu" is known as the Jatt caste and also Teli caste of India ,known as Sahu Vaishyas. Teli (तेली) is a business caste among Hindus. They bear different surnames in different regions and states of India such as Sahu/Sahoo, Bilsora, Patel, Shah, Shaw/Saw, Prasad, Gupta, Rathore, Vaniyar, Saha, Gorai, Samani, Sadhu-Khan, Das, Kubara/Kubera, Talakar, TeliLingayat, Gandla, Telikula, Modi, Devathilakula, Teli Sahu, Teli Rathod, Ganiga, Bahaldia, Teli, Sethi (Punjabi speaking). People from these community are peace lover, business minded, helpful and religious. Most of the population is in MP,CG, UP, Orissa,Bihar and Rajasthan.

(source wikkipedia, free encyclopedia)

So, finally it is a great opportunity for all of us, as we belong to caste TELI caste, which comes under OBC ( Other Backward Caste) and thus we can claim for RESERCVATION in various feilds like EDUCATION, GOVT. JOBS, and where ever it is applicable.

All you have to click this like and register yourself as OBC and get the certificate of OBC. You can find the proof here.

I hope this will help many of us. Please leave you valuable commentsl